Management Staff

Joyanta Roy

Co-founder and Chairman

Mr. Roy started his career in the broad domain of Research and Development in Bangladesh and later worked overseas. He studied Statistics and Econometrics at University of Dhaka and trained on monitoring, evaluation, project management, organizational development, and communication in Canada and USA. He has have around 20 years of experience working with different agencies like Enfants Du Monde, Aga Khan Foundation, UNICEF, and DANIDA. He co-founded the survey, research, and management consultancy firm – Capacity Building Service Group (CBSG) – in 2003. Over the past 17 years, has been able to establish strong toehold and trust among donor agencies, private companies, and government institutions through commitment and quality work. To keep pace with the trend of technology based solutions, he set up another IT company – CBSG Informatix – in 2015 which provides solutions like web design, MIS design, and ERP design, and provides training. In January 2020, he embarked on another e-commerce venture, a social business with the mission to provide one stop solution for the offices and educational institutions towards generating scholarship fund to support talented and poor students in Bangladesh.

Obaidur Rahman

Co-founder and Advisor

Mr. Rahman is the co-founder CBSG and working as advisor of the organisation. He is an MBA (IBA) by training and is one of the frontline Organizational Development (OD) specialists in Bangladesh. Educated and trained in USA, Canada, India and Bangladesh, Mr. Rahman takes pride in his excellent track record in Facilitating, training, and consulting in the areas of organizational and human resources development, and on various developmental issues for the last 15 years. He held key positions in various development organizations for more than a decade. He regularly provides consultancy in overseas as well as in country on his area of expertise.

Dr. Rita Sen, Ph.D

Social Research and Gender Specialist

Dr. Sen has an illustrious career in social and gender related research, program evaluation and learning activities. She is a social scientist and earned her Ph.D in women empowerment. She held senior positions in different national and international organization as Researcher, Programme Director, Research Director and Gender Specialist. She worked as gender and social development specialist in evaluations and research various program including reproductive and public health, women rights, livelihood development, migration, and commercial sex exploitation. She has mastery on various evaluation methodologies including PRA and appreciative inquiry and trained on qualitative research methodologies in UK, Canada and India. She held senior positions in the research and evaluation division of BRAC, Save the Children, ILO, Concern Worldwide, WorldFish, and Oxfam-UK. At World Fish and so on.

HM Simon Sunny

Data Analysis Manager

Mr. Sunny is working as a Data Analysis Manager at CBSG. He completed his post-graduation in Population Science and HRD from public University. He is well conversant with MS Access, SPSS, STATA for performing statistical analysis (qualitative and quantitative) and skilled at developing relational electronic database applications with SurveyCTO, ODK and CSPro. He is ingenious in designing data template, planning and supervising data entry, error management, quality control of data and maintaining database. He is specialized in developing and managing mobile-technology/tablet-based field surveys using software solutions like CSPRO, SurveyCTO and other ODK platforms that allow real-time digitization and processing of data. Set up survey protocol program for server and individual data entry devices.

Anika Shaheen Shithi

Program Manager

Ms. Anika is the Program Manager at CBSG. She is a post graduate in Business studies from the University of Dhaka. Additionally, she got a diploma in Human Resource Management from Bangladesh Institute of Management. Before joining CBSG, worked in senior management positions in reputed organisations such as SRGB, Global Research and Marketing among others. She successfully managed large-scale development projects and involved with knowledge management and learning activities. Ms. Anika has excellent analytical writing ability and earned a lot of credibility for CBSG in our clientele base.

Marjia Khan

Head of IT

Ms. Marjia Khan is the head of IT at CBSG. She is a Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) graduate and has proven track record of providing IT solutions to national and International agencies. Ms Marjia has been providing technical support in IT and Automation areas since 2019. She served in reputed software companies and lad more that 12 ERP system development in various work stream. She regularly provides IT solutions of US based companies from Bangladesh. Besides, working as back-bone of our IT systems, she manages PenRpencil com, an e-commerce site and provides technical assistance to cbsg-Informatix, a IT solution company.

Rasna Shamim

Program Officer

Rasna Shamim is the youngest team member in the CBSG family. She is a Social Science graduate with excellent academic record at her school and college level. She has strong business and marketing aptitude. Besides her field research engagement for over past two years, she worked as a Marketing Executive in a reputed corporate house. As an excellent communicator she plays an instrumental role in dealing our high profile clients.

SM Tofazzel Hossain

Research and Survey Coordinator

Mr. Tofazzel is senior member of CBSG team. Having MSS degree in Social Welfare from the university of Dhaka, Mr. Tofazzel served in many national and international agencies mostly at senior management level positions. His sectorial experience includes health & nutrition, human rights, anti-trafficking advocacy, capacity building of local government institutions and so on. He managed and coordinated large-scale research and survey projects of CBSG including project with Facebook and GFEEM. Besides, Mr Tofazzel has an excellent track record of coordination with Government departments and managing complex research projects of Bi-lateral partners.

Shahida Soma

Officer - Admin and Program

Shahida Soma is working at CBSG as Officer, Admin and Program. She is a social science graduate and has served national and international agencies in similar positions. Before joining CBSG, she worked with an international agency as field research officer. Ms. Soma has recently underwent a short course on human resource and administrative management. She has successfully managed as many as six field surveys in various work-stream including food security, livelihood, human rights, health and nutrition.

Mahfujur Rahman

Research Officer

Mr. Mahfujur Rahman works in the capacity of Research Officer at CBSG. He is an Economist by training and has strong aptitude in programmatic and social research. Besides, he has considerable experience in project cycle management including evaluation studies. He has strong skill to present survey findings in analytical writing with infographics. Mr. Mahfuj effectively contributes to CBSG contracted research and survey projects in the area of research tool design, field implementation of survey, data quality assurance and data analysis.

Mozahidul Islam Nayon

Head Organization Development (OD)

Md. Mozahidul Islam is a senior member of Capacity Building Service Group (CBSG), and has been contributing to organisation development program and soft-skill training since 2009. Mr. Islam possesses strong expertise and experience in the areas off rights-based development programming, policy influencing and cluster development of Cottage Small and Medium Enterprise (CSMEs). Besides, he had long engagement in promoting the rights of socially excluded and marginalized communities of Bangladesh. He is an enlisted trainer and resource person of for high profile professional development courses. He led CBSG assignments with UNICEF for communication campaign for promoting salt-iodization – managed district and sub-district level training and workshops with multi-stakeholders including government officials, schools’ teachers and people engaged in salt industries. As part of CBSG OD program and facilitation team, he facilitated over 20 OCA sessions with civil society organisations and imparted soft-skill training for over 15 NGOs.

Airin Akter

GIS Specialist

Airin Akter is currently working as a GIS Specialist at CBSG. She completed her Masters and Bachelor of Science in Geography and Environment, from University of Dhaka. She achieved a Research Fellowship Award fully funded by USAID and YouthMappers. She is skilled at implementing research methodology, assisting in data management, and analyzing the results of the research. Her educational background and experiences reflect a commitment and ability to plan, design, and implement research activities, training management, communication with local level people, etc. She has credentials of using the digital platforms of data visualization like ArcGIS-10.5, 10.6, 10.7, Erdas Imagine 2018, QGIS 2.18, Mapillary, etc.

Mahmudur Rahman

Head of Finance and Admin

Mr. Mahmudur is the head of Finance and Admin at CBSG. He gained professional accounting and management knowledge through training and work experiences. He achieved mastery in Tally and other accounting packages. He supervises other junior officers involved in accounting functions of CBSG sister concerns. Mr. Mahmud has a thorough understanding about rules and compliance issues of International Development and Bi-lateral agencies including USAID. He has special technical skill on VAT and TAX matters. He prepares financial statements of the organisation periodically and presents to the board meeting to get concurrences.

Avijit Roy

IT Officer

Mr. Avijit is a computer science graduate from a private university. He has been working in automation and ICT areas of CBSG since 2020. Avijit has strong coding skill in PHP and Laravel. Besides, he has hands-on programming skills in SurveyCTO and ODK platforms. He provides programming service to encode mobile data collection packages in Android Operating system. He developed two large scale data entry packages in SurveyCTO for USAID sponsored survey projects in 2020. Mr. Avijit has data management skill in STATA and SPSS.

Shahinur Islam

Program Support and Logistics In-charge

Mr. Shahinur Islam has been working with CBSG since 2009. As a logistics and program support staff, he successfully supported and organised events for large-scale ICT training program conducted in 147 batches in 16 districts. He is an instrumental staff CBSG who ensures readiness of ICT facilities including tablets, loaded with data collection application and automation facilities for presentation to large audiences. He provides sourcing as well as delivery support to our social enterprise

Current Assignments and Events

  • December 2021 - February 2022
    Contract with Manusher Jonno Foundation

    Review of the Rights of the Ethnic People theme of the EPR project

  • December 2021 - April 2022
    Contract with MDF Netherlands

    Evaluation of Dutch Employers Cooperation Programme, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Director Department for Sustainable Economic Development.

  • September 2021 - January 2022
    Contract with ICF Macro Inc.

    Evaluation High Impact Practices (HIP) USAID projects implemented by Chemonics, PathFinders, SCF and SMC in Bangladesh

  • August 2021 - February 2022
    Contract with Asia Foundation

    Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) of South Asia Governance Program (SAGP) grantee organizations in Bangladesh

  • August - November 2021
    Contract with Abt Associates

    Annual Performance Survey FY 2021 for USAID funded Bangladesh Nutrition Activity (BNA) Project in Zone of Influence -three districts

  • May-June 2020
    Contract with GIZ

    Project Operational Manual Development - HELVETAS-ICCO-SUSHILON

  • March-April 2021
    Contract with NACOM for USAID local works project

    Capacity Needs Assessment of NACOM and Update and=or develop organisational policies

  • December 2020-February 2021
    Contract with GIZ for project Evaluation

    Phase-end evaluation of SHRC project implemented by BRAC and ICCO

  • November 2020 - February 2021
    Contract with UNI GLOBAL for a Multi-Country Study

    Mapping and Labour compliance Study of IFI project in South Asian Countries

  • September-December 2020
    Contract with DIAKONIA Project Partners

    Strategic Plan Facilitation and Documentation for four partners

  • September-October 2020
    Contract with PLAN-Awaj

    COVID-19 and Women Empowerment in the RMG sector in Bangladesh

  • August-December 2020
    Contract with Abt Associates

    USAID supported BNA Baseline Survey in COX-Bazar District

  • August 2020- January,2021
    Contract with Abt Associates

    Annual Performance Survey: BNA FY 2020 in Zone of Influence (ZOI)

  • August-December 2020
    Contract with ACDI-VOCA

    Annual Performance Study USAID-RDC project

  • July - September 2020
    Contract with Helvetas

    Country Strategy Studies for SDC

  • September 2019 - March 2020
    Contract with ALRD

    Facilitate Organisational Strategic Plan Process 2021 - 25

  • October - December 2019
    Contract with Abt Associates

    USAID BNA baseline survey (1st baseline) on Food Security, Health and Women Empowerment

  • September - November 2019
    Contract with ALRD

    Strategic Planning 2020 to 2025 Conducting regional and central level workshops including documentation

  • August - October 2019
    Contract with Winrock International

    Impact Survey and Mid-term Evaluation of SAFETI Project

  • 15 April to 30 May 2019
    Contract with ICF-Macro, USA

    Remote and advance level data analysis support for a Media Survey conducted in central American country Honduras

  • March – May 2019
    Contract with Blast

    Final Evaluation of Workers’ Empowerment and Advocacy in the RMG Sectors (WEARS) Project

  • February - June 2019
    Contract with Profundo - Netherlands

    Conduct Labour Compliance study on Dhaka Metro Rail Project in association with Building Wood-workers International (BWI) affiliates in Bangladesh

  • January-May 2019
    Contract with Simavi, Netherlands

    RiTU Midline Survey in 149 Schools of Netrokona District

  • December 2018 - February 2019
    Contract with RJ for GFEMS

    Beneficiary Vulnerability Analysis and Engagement of CSE and CSEC 

  • October 2014-March 2017
    Contract with Winrock International

    Organizational Development and M&E Capacity Building of BCTIP project partners

  • October 2018 - January 2019
    Contract with Chance Swiss

    Assessment of the Extent of Protection of Rohinga Refugee Children in Ukhia and Teknaf Camps

  • August - December 2018
    Contract with Chemonics International Inc., USAID

    Conduct Satellite Spot Assessment of Smiling Sun Network.

  • October 2018 - February 2019
    Functionality and Sustainability Assessment of CSPs

    USAID`s AUHC project

  • May - August 2018
    Contract with Ecorys, UK

    Conduct impact assessment survey for Sharique project.

  • May - September 2018
    Contract with Start Fund Bangladesh (SFB)

    Conduct nationwide CSO mapping for emergency response.

  • January - March 2018
    Contract with Nutrition International (NI), Canada

    Conducting 6 Policy Dialogue Workshop on Salt Iodization at District level.

  • January 2018 - December 2019
    Contract with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation

    Third Party Monitoring and Periodical Surveys for Sharique Phase-IV Program.

  • May - September 2017
    Contract with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation

    Baseline Study of Sharique Phase-IV Project.

  • May - August 2017
    Contract with Pathfinder International, USA

    Capacity Assesment of 24 SH-NGOs.

  • April - September 2017
    Contract with ICF, USA

    FBS Users' Experience Study of Facebook Inc.,USA.

  • April 2017 - September 2017
    Contract with FNV, Netherland

    Household Survey on Livelihood Situation of family Garment's Workers.

  • February - March 2017
    Contract with Micronutrents Initiatives

    Policy Dialogue Workshop on Universsal Salt Iodization 6 Districts.

  • January - March 2017
    Contract with Stiching Simavi (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), The Netherlands

    Baseline Survey at Netrokona District.

  • November 2016 - December 2017
    Contract with ICT Division, MPTIT

    Professional Outsourcing Training and employment service.

  • August - December 2016
    Contract with Maxwell Stamps/UkAid

    Endline Perception Study of Community Legal Services (CLS) Programme

  • July 2016 - December 2017
    Contract With FNV Netherlands

    Contract With FNV Netherland. Conduct Study On Precarious Workers in all Five GUFs.

  • March - July 2016
    Contract with Fred Hollows Foundation

    (KAP) Survey and Gender Analysis in Barisal Division for SiB Project of Standard Chartered Bank

  • February - May 2016
    Contract with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation

    Satisfaction Assessment of SDC's local governance project Sharique III

  • January - September 2016
    Contract with SOMO Netherlands

    Study on adult wages in the export-oriented garment industry and the relation with child labour and education

  • January - February 2016
    Contract with RTI International

    Mapping of Capacity Building Institutions in Bangladesh under USAID's Asia Support Services for Local Solutions

  • December 2015 - February 2016
    Contract with Development Alternatives Incorporated, USA

    Performance Management System Implementation, and conduct a Salary Survey

  • November - December 2014
    Contract with American Solidarity Center

    Evaluation of RMG sector project of US Department of State - DRL project

  • April 2014 - June 2017
    Contract with Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI)

    Capacity Assessment and Capacity Buildning planning of USAID's Agricultral Value Chain (AVC) Project partners

  • April - June 2014
    Contract with IndustriALL Regional Office, Delhi

    Mapping on organizing RMG workers in Bangladesh (Dhaka city and surroundings)

  • March 2014 - June 2017
    Contract with Agro-inputs project, CNFA/USAID

    Organizational Capacity Assessment and Capacity Development of USAID supported Agro Inputs Project (AIP)

  • November 2013 - June 2017
    Contract with Winrock International under CREL/USAID

    Organizational Capacity Assessment for 18 potential partner NGOs of CREL project

  • Septemeber 2013 - February 2014
    Contract with SDF for World Bank Project

    Capacity Building of Nuton Jibon Project Staff - Strategic Capacity development plan plan, Staff skill development etc.

  • July - November 2013
    Contract with JICA Project Team rep by PADECO Co. Ltd.

    Action Research for Collaboration Between CBO and Comilla City Corporation

  • July - December 2013
    Contract with MDF Netherlands

    FNV Mondiaal Baseline 2013. International studies - Bangladesh with Peru, South Africa and Zimbabwe

  • June - October 2013
    Contract with Maxwell Stamps Ltd.

    Baseline Perception Survey of DfID supported Community Legal Service (CLS) Project

  • April 2012 - January 2013
    Contract with Chemonics Inc, USA

    Capacity Strengthening of 26 SSFP network NGOs

  • July 2009 - March 2014
    Contract with Aga Khan Foundation/CIDA

    Organizational Development of four civil society organizations

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