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our mission is to strengthen capacities of individuals and institutions through promoting value based changes, developing methodological and professional competencies, and fostering learning in order to be more effective and efficient in accomplishing their goals.



CBSG takes the Organisational Development and Change Management approach to institutional development and capacity building. It pursues a planned and long-term process of organisational strengthening. Our approach is based on appreciative methodologies and very much customized for toneeds of the client organisation. Transfer of skills is built into our approach. We accompany the organisation in the planning and implementation of capacity building and provide follow up support throughout the process. Our service includes: Organisational review and capacity assessment, strategic planning, leadership development, team building, systems development including HRM, M&E, and Financial Policy etc.


CBSG has strong competencies of applied research in a range of program areas including health, livelihood development, human rights, governance, organizational strengthening, social development and awareness building. Results of our survey and research are used to design development projects, form policies and assess impacts. We conduct baseline survey, impact study, perception survey, organization survey, service utilization survey, KAP survey etc for development programs and organizations. We use cutting edge research methodologies including sample survey, complete enumeration, PRA, FGD and appreciative enquiry, and apply social and statistical tools.


CBSG has developed hands on expertise in pro-poor urban services program design integrating urban governance. It worked with the leading urban development program including UPPR, UGIIP for technical assistance in urban poverty analysis, town analysis, pro-poor service delivery, citizen report card, and municipal governance. CBSG is involved with the likes of ADB, UNDP, LGED and international agencies in design, benefit monitoring and impact evaluation of public sector pro-poor urban program. Municipal governance has been our key interest area in urban development.


CBSG considers professional development as an integral part of organizational strengthening. Our focus is on the development of mid and senior level professional to improve performance and foster change. We deliver hands on, competency based and customized training program on a range of managerial issues including leadership, operational management, strategic management etc. It encourages the organisation to training the whole system rather than few individuals to make lasting impact.


CBSG brings hands on expertise to the services of NGOs and donors in project cycle management. It brings result-based management tools and methodologies in the planning and performance tracking of development programmes. We provide support to project design and develop performance tracking tools for effective project/programme management. It also provides professional support to NGOs and donors for appraisal and review of development project.


CBSG operates in a slim structure with highly specialized staff members who are complemented by a network professional. Our professional staff has specialization in the area of Institutional Development, Research, Survey & Studies, Training and Facilitation, Project Cycle Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Gender etc.


  • Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Aga Khan Foundation (AKF)
  • Chemonics International, USA
  • DFID - UK
  • UN System Organizations (UNICEF, UNHCR, UNDP)
  • ILO
  • Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC)
  • DANIDA/ Danish Embassy
  • NORAD/Norwegian Embassy
  • Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • Water and Sanitation for Urban Poor (WSUP, UK)
  • Dhaka WASA
  • Local Government Engineering Division (LGED, GoB)
  • CARE Bangladesh
  • Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)

Current Assignments and Events

May - September 2017

Contract with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.

Baseline Study of Sharique Phase-IV Project.

May - August 2017

Contract with Pathfinder International, USA

Capacity Assesment of 24 SH-NGOs.

April - September 2017

Contract with ICF, USA

FBS Users' Experience Study of Facebook Inc.,USA.

February - March 2017

Contract with Micronutrents Initiatives.

Policy Dialogue Workshop on Universsal Salt Iodization 6 Districts.

January - March 2017

Contract with Stiching Simavi (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), The Netherlands

Baseline Survey at Netrokona District.

November 2016 - December 2017

Contract with ICT Division, MPTIT

Professional Outsourcing Training and employment service.

July 2016 - December 2017

Contract With FNV Netherland

Contract With FNV Netherland. Conduct Study On Precarious Workers in all Five GUFs.

April 2014 - June 2017

Contract with Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI)

Capacity Assessment and Capacity Buildning planning of USAID's Agricultral Value Chain (AVC) Project partners

March 2014 - June 2017

Contract with Agro-inputs project, CNFA/USAID

Organizational Capacity Assessment and Capacity Development of USAID supported Agro Inputs Project (AIP)

November 2013 - June 2017

Contract with Winrock International under CREL/USAID

Organizational Capacity Assessment for 18 potential partner NGOs of CREL project

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Organizational Development

CBSG takes the Organizational Development and Change Management approach to institutional capacity building....

Research & Survey

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Training & Facilitation

Training & Facilitation CBSG considers professional development an integral part of organizational capacity strengthening. It...

Project Cycle Management

CBSG brings hands on expertise to the services of NGOs and donors to assist them in the effective use of...

Event Management

Event Management For CBSG, Event Management is a process for delivering assignments. workshops, training,...


We provide hands on paractical training and real life experiences to develop ICT capacity for institutions ...


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